About Us

"We are passionate about building high quality customized furniture. We design with longevity in mind while incorporating beauty and affordability into each of our handcrafted items."


In 2016, I was tired of all of the Legos littering our dining room table every day from our youngest boys. I found plans online for a Lego table and my husband, Ben, and I built it. While sharing the progress on Facebook with friends, we were asked to build 2 more for friends. On a whim, we listed one for sale and sold it. Our first table was built in 2016 as a replacement for our dining room table but it never made it into our house because someone asked to purchase it from us. From there, our business was born. Fast forward to summer of 2018, and we finally took some time away from building for customers and built a new table for our dining room.






5280 Table Shop is based out Denver, Colorado. Susan and Ben Grisinger are both Colorado natives and our families have lived here for more than 5 generations. Call or email us today, we'd love to start building something special for you.