What is a Hitchen?

We had a client come to us with an idea she had found online. She wanted a cabinet she could attach to the back of her car when they went camping. The idea was to hold as much of their camping supplies as possible to allow them to set up camp quickly and also be able to eat while on the road. Using her existing cooler, grill, table and hitch rack, we designed the her custom hitchen. Here's how it all turned out.
Hitchen all closed and attached to car. We added screws on the left side to attach license plate. And a lockable latch to keep the inside secure and prevent bears from getting inside. Exterior was painted with several coats of exterior paint to protect the cabinet from sun and moisture.
And here she is all opened up. There are 2 drawers on the left side, and open storage area and a pull out shelf for the cooler. The lid has cables to hold it open. Interior was finished with several coats of exterior urethane to protect from mold and mildew.
Drawers are fully removable to reduce the weight if needed when installing the hitch rack on the vehicle. They were also designed so she could add her own drawer dividers. The cooler shelf pulls out allowing for access to the cooler and for easier loading.
Drawers were set back on left side so she could hang often used items on the left door. The top shelf is made of melamine so that it is easy to clean and can be used for prepping. There are also rings to tie down both the grill and table during transport.
RV jacks were installed on the bottom of the hitchen so that it can be removed from the vehicle and stand on its own. Two shelfs were added on the back to hold water jugs were installed on the back side of the hitchen (complete with rings to tie jugs down). And the top was designed with a lip so that firewood could be stored and tied down, keeping it out of the vehicle.
The client added their own trailer lights to make sure that brake lights could always be seen.
We enjoyed building this custom hitchen for our client. And are excited to see the adventures it goes on. Please let us know if you would like one for yourselves.